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Tier 1 Solar Panels

We stock only Tier 1 Solar Panels. All our Panels comes with at least 25 years Manufacturer’s Warranty

All Major Inverters Brands

We stock all major Solar Inverter brands. All of the Inverters comes with at least 5 years Manufacturer’s Warranty

CEC Accredited Installers

All our Installers have atleast 10 years of experience. All our installation comes with 10 years of Workmanship Warranty

Cut Your Energy Bills With Commercial Solar Systems In Brisbane

We all are well aware of the fact that solar energy is the greenest and cleanest renewable energy used to generate electricity for our property – and now it is the cheapest too! At Energy Solar, we help Brisbane businesses to switch to solar energy. With extensive experience in the installation of commercial solar systems in Brisbane, we are well-versed in getting you the best results at the best prices.

Installing commercial solar systems, not only slashes your energy bills and carbon emissions, but also empowers to be a part of Australia’s clean energy revolution. Set an example in the industry while cutting down your overhead cost with Energy Solar. To make your business more efficient, more profitable and greener, get in touch with our solar experts today!

Move To Solar Power

Why You Should Move Your Business Over To Solar Power?

Save money on energy bills

Add value to your business

Reduce your reliance on the rising energy bills

Reduce your carbon emission

Get paid for any excess power you feed into the grid

Commercial Solar Power Systems: Our Approach

With proven experience and in-depth industry knowledge and expertise, you can trust us to design and install a commercial solar system in Brisbane that is uniquely yours. From permitting, installation to utility connection and O&M, our team will manage all the aspects of the project. We only use the premium quality components and equipment from the trusted brands with a 25-year performance warranty.

We believe in informative, consultative and no pressure approach. Our CEC accredited engineers will analyse your existing infrastructure and assess your electricity bills in order to tailor a commercial solar system that delivers maximum result for your business. Our Clean Energy Council accredited designers, engineers and installers will collaboratively work to design and install a system that suffices your energy needs.

Our team will educate you highly-detailed technical features and financial analytics prior to commencing any work. This allows you to make an informed decision.

We not only provide turnkey solar solutions, but can also transform your existing solar system into hybrid solar systems. If you are willing to add a battery back-up to your commercial solar power systems, we’ll happily do it for you.

Instead of feeding it directly back into the main grid, a hybrid solar system allows you to store some energy generated from the solar panels. This allows you to power your business even during power outages.

Interested in adding a battery back-up to your commercial solar systems in Brisbane? Call us today! We’ll find the commercial solar system that best suits your needs! With our expert team and product selection from reputable suppliers, getting a battery back-up has never been easier.






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