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Power Your Future With Hybrid Solar System

Energy Solar is an Australian owned and operated company that specialises in design and installation of the hybrid solar system in Brisbane and surrounding suburbs. Our skilled and CEC accredited team strive hard to deliver our clients with the most cost-effective, easy to maintain, high-performance and energy efficiency solutions.

With every passing day, the cost of electricity is rising higher and it has become a real matter of concern for Brisbane residents. There is no doubt that electricity is an absolute necessity of the modern era and one just can’t imagine their life without it. Yet, with rising electricity rates, power bills consume a large portion of the budget. To help Brisbane residents achieve cost savings in long-run, we are actively offering hybrid solar systems at the most competitive pricing. A hybrid solar system is the best of both worlds.

At Energy Solar, we have a team of in-house team of CEC accredited engineers, designers and installers who work together seamlessly to design and install the best hybrid solar system on the market. We can not only offer turnkey hybrid solar system – from designing and installation through to after-sales support and maintenance but we can also convert your existing commercial or residential solar system into a hybrid solar system.

The hybrid solar system consists of a battery to store excess power. This stored electricity can be used during black-outs, where there is no supply from the grid system. You can also use this stored energy at night. Hybrid solar system also allows you to buy energy from the grid during “off-peak” times and store it for use during “peak times” when the electricity is costlier.

A hybrid solar system allows you to declare your energy independence. Unlike regular residential and commercial solar system, when you need to rely on the grid during the night time, with a hybrid solar system you can draw from your battery. This allows you to zero your energy bills.

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How Do Hybrid Solar System Technology Work?

Generally, a hybrid solar system comprises of a smart inverter and a battery bank that can manage electricity in accordance with programming. Depending on the brand and model of the product, the capacity of the solar batteries can vary. Thus, it’s vital to find the right size system to fit your needs. Nowadays, many batteries are designed to be expandable, allowing you to scale your battery storage solution as per your needs.

A battery is usually used as a “buffer” from the grid which allows you to store the power of approximately 10 hours. This is enough for overnight use or during peak hours without being charged at peak price from the utility network. If you want power at all times and don’t want to rely on the grid, you can also opt for larger batteries.

So, what are you waiting for? Install a hybrid solar system in Brisbane and start saving on utility bills from day 1. Do your bit and reduce your carbon footprint. Talk to the leading providers of the hybrid solar system in Brisbane – Energy Solar today! We will willingly help you in investing in green energy for a cleaner future.

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